How to obtain good scan of your photo:
First scan your image
                                    - No less than 300 ppi - the bigger image you want to end up                                        with, the bigger resolution we need.
                                    - Preferably 800 ppi
                                    - Turn off all your automatic image corrections
                                    - Save your image in JPEG on your computer
                                    - Please attach your scanned photo to the e-mail or use our                                        Photo Upload                                     
                                        You can E- Mail to or Upload your image for review.   We will let you know a firm price and an estimated turnaround time needed to complete the work.
Describe in detail specifically what type of manipulation you would like us to do. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the restoration.
If you are unable to obtain a good scan following the above instructions, you can take your photo to a Photography service (London Drugs, Costco, Walmart..) and have them do it for you. Provide them with the instructions above. Save them in a CD and email the image to us- or you can probably ask them to email the image to us.
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