Improper storing or developing  may cause fading, stains and other damage to your photos. We will scan your original photographs and using the latest digital photo editing techniques, we will retouch your photos so they'd  look like when they were new.

We never touch up your originals, and we are very careful not to cause further damage to them. The originals will be returned to you with your order in the same shape they came to us.  

We can reproduce photos from negatives or copy  photos and producing high resolution digital images or print desired size photo prints on good quality photo paper.

You can also scan your images your self and upload them to us using our photo upload service or just e-mail them to us fotonova@shaw.ca

Both vintage and new photos can be restored, retouched, manipulated, or enhanced.  Retouched digital photo images are ideal for scrap booking, genealogy, framing, or sharing with friends and family.  A special restored photo makes an excellent gift. Don't let your precious memories deteriorate and fade away!  

We are located in Kelowna BC, so you can bring your photos directly to us at 1745 Hollywood Rd South  Phone:250-899-6682 for directions or if you have any questions about our services.


If you need a portrait of yourself, a group photo, family photos, wedding etc.  please contact Magda and set up an appointment.

With over 20 years of experience in photography, she knows how to take beautiful  photos of you and how to make every photo shoot fun and special.


Another service we provide is hard drive or memory card recovery.If you  deleted all your images from your memory card, or if your card is corrupted, don't panic and bring it to us. We can save your images even if it looks like, that they are completely gone.

Virus destroyed your hard drive? We can recover most of your data from it.

Don't hesitate to call us when you have a questions.





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